TSVF is driven by improving the world around us. We don’t just make investments, we join in long-term partnerships to help exceptional companies build a more sustainable future, drawing on the expertise of the broader Dartmouth community.


We make debt and equity investments of $25-50k in early-stage for-profit social enterprises that meet the following criteria:

  1. Social impact is at the core of the business, not just a by-product.
  2. The management team is hungry, motivated, and willing to tackle the challenges associated with starting and running a company; the team prioritizes both short and long term strategy.
  3. There is a focus and commitment to operational excellence and a track record to prove it.
  4. There is an institutional investor leading your financing round.
  5. There is an ability for TSVF to add value beyond committed capital.

Centers at Tuck

The Fund brings a wealth of expertise to catalyze growth for our portfolio companies. Our strong ties to faculty and Tuck Centers provide access to thought leaders in fields ranging from energy to medicine to engineering and beyond. In addition, the Fund helps connect portfolio companies to the larger Tuck and Dartmouth network of expert thought leaders and practitioners eager to support the next generation of social-impact ventures and founders.