The Tuck Social Venture Fund (TSVF) is a student-run early-stage investment fund that invests in for-profit social enterprises that deliver a measurable social impact and financial return.

The fund is also aimed at facilitating experiential learning opportunities for the next generation of leaders in impact investing. TSVF aims to support portfolio companies by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of the student directors, faculty advisors, strategic partners, Tuck network, and broader Dartmouth community.

1.  Leverage the knowledge and perspective of TSVF Directors

TSVF is run by a team of second-year MBA candidates with entrepreneurial, impact, and investing experience across a wide range of industries. Current and past student directors have consulted with portfolio company founders on market research, pricing analysis, sales strategies, and more.

2. Benefit from the expertise of Tuck faculty

To ensure continuity, the faculty advisor team is heavily involved in guiding the strategy of the fund. With over 60 years of combined entrepreneurial, impact, and investing experience, they are prepared to offer guidance on nearly any situation faced by an early-stage impact company.

In addition, our strong ties to Tuck's Centers provide access to thought leaders in fields ranging from energy to medicine to engineering and beyond. In addition, the Fund helps connect portfolio companies to the larger Tuck and Dartmouth network of expert thought leaders and practitioners eager to support the next generation of social-impact ventures and founders.

3. Tap into the power of the Tuck network

Through the relationship with TSVF, portfolio companies gain access to the Tuck network, renowned for the high levels of achievement, engagement, and responsiveness among its alumni. Companies also enjoy the opportunity to engage Tuck students in pro bono consulting projects, to recruit them for subsidized summer internships, or to hire them into full-time leadership positions. Portfolio companies also gain access to Dartmouth leaders and experts from across the business, academic, medical, and engineering worlds.

4. Form strategic partnerships

TSVF has a strong and growing array of strategic partners established through academic and professional networks. Strategic partners include VC firms, angel investors, NGOs, and other student-run impact funds. Opportunities to leverage these relationships include expert consulting, deal referrals, and co-investment.


We’re always looking to connect with passionate teams building companies that make a difference. Our fund is actively seeking to add to our current portfolio. If you are a for-profit enterprise tackling a social or environmental problem, drop us a line!


Connect With Us

Are you a professional social impact fund? Are you an MBA impact fund or student organization interested in the social impact investing space? We love connecting with peers and collaborating on promising opportunities. Please reach out to us! We’re always looking to grow our community.